Photographers of the Year 2007


General Photography

It’s that time of the year again, and with “best of” lists (books etc.) already upon us, without further ado, here are my Photographers of the Year 2007, as always in alphabetical order.

Simon Roberts - of course for his wonderful book project Motherland. Find a conversation with him here.

Bert Teunissen’s long-term project Domestic Landscapes still has me coming back to the various images. It’s particularly interesting to me to see how a photographer would spend years on a single project - in a world where photo projects/books are often treated like CD releases and where many photographers worry about getting work out quickly.

For me, Peter van Agtmael’s work from Iraq and Afghanistan (and from the US) is by far the strongest photographic statement (photojournalist or otherwise!) about the so-called war on terror and its consequences. Find a conversation with him here.