My favourite photo blogs (and more)



I realize that the list of links on the main page of my blog is hopelessly outdated (in part because the new version of the blog, over at the new hosting, will have an updated list). But given there’s such a large number of truly great photo blogs out there now I thought I’d lean out of the window a bit (hopefully not too far) and list my current favourite photo blogs (and more) here, with the list being hopelessly subjective (as always) and in some sort of order (or not).

5B4 is a blog about photo books. I love (and collect) photo books. Everybody loves Alec Soth’s blog, for obvious reasons. It’s simply great. Exposure is a new blog by Aperture, which has had a very promising start. BLDGBLOG is not a photo blog (it’s mostly about architecture), but it so intelligently written that every other post I wonder how amateurish my writing might look in comparison. BPS Research Digest, a blog summarizing psychological research, typically makes me channel Mr Spock (“Fascinating!”). For me, Brian Ulrich’s blog is right up there with Alec’s blog, with a slightly different focus and style. Ed Winkleman’s blog is the only art blog that I read regularly (even though I scan a few others). His is most engaging (but hey! what do I know about art?) Exposure Compensation is a great photo blog. gmtPlus9 (-15) requires advanced calculus to determine the actual time zone, but will keep you entertained until you manage to figure it out. i heart photograph features a lot of good photography, with preferences a bit different from mine. Great blog! Modern Art Obsession delivers art/photography with a bit of attitude nicely. The actual Mrs. Deane behind Mrs. Deane is a good friend, and her blog I cannot praise enough. muse-ings always contains “intelligent” (M. Parr) and interesting discussions of photo issues and photographer’s work, with the ruffling of the feathers being a regular feature. Another must read, just like (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography, which, however, is a bit more on the politics and - often - theory side. Shane Lavalette’s blog is another great photo blog, as is The Sonic Blog, the only German blog in this list. VVORK shows you an ecclectic set of art with few words (just the way I like my art). For those who want to read Frank Rich’s columns without having to buy the waste of paper called the Sunday New York Times, there’s Welcome to Pottersville (the magazine is online and quite overrated actually).

Needless to say, I look at many more blogs every day. The list above might tell you a bit about my personal preferences (especially in connection with what my own blog does). For example, I don’t care all that much about fashion photography or about stock photography or about the business of photography, so even though there are lots of good blogs out there (some of which I look at) they just haven’t made it into the list. Likewise for more personal photo blogs (which predominantly feature a photographer’s personal work).

So if your blog is not included in the list, please just take it as yet another sign of my incredibly bad taste. And if your blog is in the list, take it as a sign of my incredibly good taste.