Lee Miller


Classic photographers

Regardless of whether there’s more to the whole than just the parts, the plethora of things that can be said about Lee Miller indicate that her life was quite unusual. Sadly enough, it ended in depression and alcohol - with a neglected cache of 40,000 negatives and 500 prints in the attic, which werediscovered after her death by her only son. She was the first woman to appear in an ad for menstrual pads (in a photo taken by Edward Steichen) and model and lover of Man Ray, before she became a photographer herself, and not just “a” photographer, but one of the finest ones of her days. During World War II, she worked as a daring war photographer who took the famous photos of the dead concentration camp guard in Dachau and the dead mayor’s daughter in (I believe Dresden), and she had her photo taken Hitler’s bathtub in Munich. Find two long accounts of her life here and here, both well worth the read.