Appeals Court Sides With Jeff Koons In Infringement Case


General Photography

“A federal appeals court affirmed a decision in favor of artist Jeff Koons, saying he did not violate copyright law when he made a painting that incorporated part of a photograph. Photographer Andrea Blanch sued for copyright infringement after seeing Koons’s painting ‘Niagara,’ which shows a pair of women’s legs similar to a photograph Blanch shot for Allure magazine for a 2000 feature on nail polish.” (story) For this very relevant topic (which, I believe, will get ever more important) also see the article “On the Rights of Molotov Man” in the February 2007 edition of Harper’s Magazine, sadly enough not available online. However, available online, a comment on this case by art guru Edward Winkleman, who himself points to this excellent article (I hope I got all my linking bases covered now - and then, in a few months, will produce another feature about this, which, needless to say, will ignore all online activity).