An image that struck me


General Photography

Around this past Christmas, the Boston Globe featured a story about ailing veterans (bug me not) on its front page, and I found the image they used quite remarkable. Unfortunately, the version online is a bit small, and in print, the colours looked somewhat different, too. In print, the room has a reddish glow from the lights inside the room, and both the TV and the open door are brightly offset from that. The interesting thing about the image - at least for me - is that it is a confluence of individual images, with the veteran in his wheelchair, whose pose and obvious suffering strikingly resemble those seen in classic religious paintings, in the center, and left and right, almost like panels used in the past, you see a decorated Christmas tree, whose colourful cheerfulness feels out of place, and a TV showing an still that uncannily evokes the images produced by Richard Prince from cigarette ads (like, for example, this one). I couldn’t stop staring at the photo.