Thomas Bernhard for life



“Vienna, Cafe Bräunerhof, early on the morning of July 15, 1986. Thomas Bernhard had set a rather vague rendezvous for an interview. He was having his apartment redecorated, he said, ‘naturally’ in white. He could not stand the presence of the workers in his home, causing him to flee to the coffeehouse in the early morning. When I arrive, he has already settled down, near the entrance, ‘where the air is better.’ He is walled in by mounds of newspapers whose pages he skims hastily, almost tearing them as he flips through. An interview? Yes, he says, he’s in the mood today. But short and to the point.
Thomas Bernhard: So, I’ll just keep reading the paper, you don’t mind, do you?
Werner Wögerbauer: Well, no, by all means.
[Thomas Bernhard:] You’ll have to ask something and then you’ll get an answer.”
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