‘After Arbus’


General Photography

There’s an article in LA Weekly that I saw and then decided not to link to, in which the author claims that (fasten your seatbelts) “I couldnÂ’t name a single photographer subsequent to Arbus (and Frank and Winogrand and Friedlander and Eggleston and the other greats of her generation) who ranked on anywhere near the same level, which is to say, who thrilled me near as broadly, deeply or consistently.” I guess I can close shop here and do something else? But then, what might be true for that author is not true for other people (incl., very obviously, for your truly); and haven’t we heard similar complaints (“things today just aren’t as good any longer as they sued to be!”) in the past? In any case, Alec Soth decided to post the piece on his blog, and there’s a bit of a discussion about it over there. Check it out.