Rubbing the Chancellor’s Neck and Getting an Earful



Oh, the good old world of powerful men with its built-in disdain of women, given such a high-profile demonstration at the so-called G8 meeting - right out of the “Sexual Harrassment for Dummies” manual. Read about the German reaction, and learn why the incident “might even help Merkel achieve renewed popularity in Germany. A commentator writing in Sunday edition of Germany’s conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung expressed sympathy for Merkel. ‘Then, after a brief moment of deliberation, Bush lowered his head with determination, like a ram, and placed his paws around Merkel’s neck from behind, startling her, making her cringe and raise her hands — profoundly horrified and defenseless to such an extent that we immediately felt lasting sympathy for her.’” No comment.