Things I learned before/while making my own Muniz


JMC’s Portfolio/Work

1. Buying 500 paper clips does result in weird looks/comments when trying to pay for them. 2. 500 paper clips also is quite the overestimate as far as needed quantities are concered (see 3.). 3. Doing the art work letter-size is way too small (see above) 4. Listening to a rousing Shostakovich symphony while placing needles on top of other needles is not necessarily the best idea (even if it’s a lame and overrated interpretation; it’s good I avoided the probably best version). 5. Using a work surface that is too low results in severe back pain. 6. Being very casual about taking the photos is very stupid. 7. Dismantling the piece at the end is quite satisfying. 8. Significant fun can be had with a collection of paper clips, needles, and thumb tags.
(actual photo link posting will of course continue tomorrow…)