Nice but is it an original fake or a fake original fake?


General Culture

This will get your head spinning: “Forging seems to run in the family of the late Konrad Kujau, who gave the world the Hitler diaries and faked hundreds of oil paintings. His great-niece Petra, 47, is now under investigation for writing her famous relative’s signature on hundreds of cheap Asian-made copies of masterpieces and selling them over the Internet, sometimes for thousands of euros apiece. Police in the eastern city of Dresden said they had confiscated more than 200 ‘supposedly original fakes’ of paintings bearing the Konrad Kujau signature in the offices of his great-niece.” (story, my emphasis) So these are fake original fakes then? And also, because this way it works easily, original fake original fakes. So if I were to get a copy of one of those in China I’d have what? A fake original fake original fake and also an original fake original fake original fake.