American patriot



“Of course, things have gone sour [in Iraq], and now a lot of Americans are jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Hey, we shouldnÂ’t have gone there.’ But, again, at what point in time, I ask these newfound converts to the anti-war movement, did this become a bad war? See, thatÂ’s a key question people have to ask. I say it was a bad war the day we invaded Iraq, because itÂ’s an illegal war. ItÂ’s totally out of keeping with my personal vision of what America stands for […] we stand for a whole bunch of things. But we donÂ’t stand for planning and implementing wars of aggression. I donÂ’t think America represents a nation that embraces war crimes, and a lot of people were willing to sweep all this under the rug had we won, had we been victorious, which tells me that they have a superficial understanding of what the United States represents” - Scott Ritter