Commenting on an earlier post


General Photography

My provocation about statements lead to quite interesting results. As it turns out, most of the people who did not agree with me simply didn’t understand what I was saying (whether on purpose or not). Just to make this clear, I did not say that there are no photographers with a preconception about what they want to shoot. In the light of my own photographic projects - all of which are based on very clear a priori ideas - this would be absurd. What I did say was that I believe that there are many photographers who do not have such preconceptions (and I got lots of emails from those); and that lead me to ask why we can’t accept something like “I just wanted to take beautiful photos of rubble piles”.

Now an interesting follow-up question to this - which I didn’t pose but which now became obvious to me - is why so many people think that if one was to say something like that, that would so immensely decrease the value of the photography (or art). I think many people with an art-school background will be surprised to learn that many artists do not consider endless theoretical considerations to be part of what it means to be an artist (and I am saying that even though, to a certain extent and despite a lack of an art-school background myself, I myself am quite interested in some theoretical and/or historical considerations.).