Does Anyone Believe Condoleezza Rice?



It’s probably not a good sign that a summary of what German newspapers were writing about Condoleezza Rice visit to Berlin is entitled Does Anyone Believe Condoleezza Rice?. Interesting (or ironic?) how it seems Germans have internalized what they were taught about democracy and the law after World War II to such an extent that now they feel confident to lecture their former mentors, writing “The message [of Mrs Rice] can also be translated thus: The end justifies the means, terrorism can be fought with borderline methods on the outer edges of legality.” and “It remains unclear exactly what definition Washington uses for torture.”

PS: It’s interesting to see how the Washington Post’s “media blog” almost exclusively focuses on what “the outnumbered online commentators of the European Right” write. Needless to say, if you only look at what your sycophants write, you’re not going to gain much.