“Autumn of Discontent”



Now it’s safe to criticize the president. There’s not much - if anything - I’d like to add other than this: This whole affair (aka the Bush jr presidency) reminds me of buying a car from a used-car salesman of the somewhat shoddy side. You enter the showroom, and the salesman offers you a “great deal”. Now, you know that there’s something wrong with the guy, but he’s “likable” - or so you convince yourself (despite obvious signs to the contrary) - and he knows what he’s talking about (ditto), and the car looks great. You don’t look under the hood or check the tires, because why would such a nice person lie to you? So you buy the car, paying a price, which might or might not reflect the actual value (you neglect feelings that there’s a problem). When the car breaks down and turns out to be a complete lemon, you do the act that you prepared yourself for when you first met the guy. You act surprised, you can’t believe somebody would lie to you, you’re outraged, you just had no idea! And you go back to the dealer just to find out the guy really is clueless; he still keep praising the car, which didn’t even make it back to the showroom. But it’s too late, you signed the contract, your money is gone, you’re stuck with the lemon, and you’ll only be able to get a new car in what appears to be three years. And it’s all the salesman’s fault! How could you know?!