The Kabuki Version of the Night Before Fitzmas



In a sense, this whole Plamegate affair looks like what you would happen is you created a mix between Kabuki theater, The Night Before Christmas, and the movie Groundhog Day, with the country waking up every morning (like Bill Murray’s character in the movie) to find the same headlines over and over again (something along the lines that Santa Claus will surely deliver indictments today), Democrats gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of the gift they so desperately need since they exchanged their spine with the political equivalent of tertiary syphillis (dementia, tremors, loss of coordination, paralysis, blindness), and the general going through an extremely ritualized routine of pretending to be seriously surprised and appalled by what everybody has known for such a long time (as Maureen Dowd pointed out: “It’s exactly what we thought was going on, but we never thought we’d actually hear the lurid details”). Amazing.