“The internet feels like a giant reliquary at times”


General Culture

“The internet feels like a giant reliquary at times. On bad days, idling around looking for something interesting is bit like being stuck in a newsagents stocked only with men’s interest magazines, from lurid bikini specials to railway modelling journals, superficial visual snippets that are served up without any sense of discovery, backstory or depth, as if they existed solely to sate an appetite for soundbites (viral culture has a lot to answer for). Sometimes a trawl through the big sites […] is like methodically working your way through a box of good chocolates - good at first, then swiftly becoming something of a chore, and a regretful one at that. Whereas chasing links, making connections and following leads is a little like observing a saint’s relic, the reliquary’s little window revealing a tiny morsel of bone or scrap of cloth, leaving the imagination to fill in the corporeal blanks.” - thingsmagazine.net