Hauptstadt Rap


General Culture

“It was a spooky moment when BerlinÂ’s hardest rappers were allowed onto public service television. A spectre flitting across the screen at a late hour when the little ones were already in bed, between the latest unemployment figures and the devastation caused by Hurricane Dennis. A subject to be treated with an editorial barge-pole. The producers spent a long time discussing whether they wanted run the story at all, but you can’t simply draw a veil of silence over something so loud. What followed was a ninety-second clip showing a man covered in tattoos cruising Berlin in a luxury limousine, or on stage yelling obscenities to screams of delight from his teenage audience. Once the fuss was over, the stony expression of ‘heute-journal’ presenter Claus Kleber relaxed a little and he broke into a little rap of his own telling the moral of the story. ‘Bushido finds it all quite funny’ – pause – ‘heÂ’s so busy counting up his money.’” - story