The Paradox of Choice


General Photography

Lately, I have been thinking about acquiring a large-format (LF) camera. There are a various reasons for this, the most important of which probably is my continued interest in doing architectural photography. Finding a suitable LF camera has been quite a frustrating experince, though, and it finally dawned on me that this is mainly because of the wide range of options. I’m sure most LF photographers would disagree but at this stage, almost any LF camera would be good - especially given the external boundary conditions, the most important of which is the infamous money issue. Stepping back a little, I am almost perplexed how I managed to spend so much time looking into all the minutae of LF cameras, many of which are actually utterly irrelevant for me, and some of which aren’t that helpful at all. It’s interesting that you can ask people for opinions what I should buy, telling them about the monetary constraints, and then in return get a recommendation to buy something expensive (Do people actually listen?). So far, the whole story resembles examples discussed in the book The Paradox of Choice, which explains in quite a bit of detail how having too many choices and being unable to deal with them can make one’s life quite miserable. Given that photography appears to be so much about choices - what film to use, what camera to buy etc. - I’ll make the book my recommended read for today.