“We get the films we deserve”


General Culture

“What Lucas has devised, over six movies, is a terrible puritan dream: a morality tale in which both sides are bent on moral cleansing, and where their differences can be assuaged only by a triumphant circus of violence. Judging from the whoops and crowings that greeted the opening credits, this is the only dream we are good for. We get the films we deserve.” - whole review

PS: While the above review might be the only one that trashes what deserves to be trashed, most other reviews are not too far of. Compare this review, whose criticism about wooden acting, horrible lines, and bad filming would mean desaster for any other movie; but then it turns around in the end, claiming the movie isn’t that bad after all. It’s almost like the critic (and basically every other critic whose reviews I read) expected (and got) utter trash, only then to be surprised that it wasn’t quite as horrible as anticipated. You know, if I was a young, aspiring movie director I’d wish I’d get that kind of treatment from critics (or the audience for that matter)!