“Little Debbie Has A Snack For You”


General Culture

One of the things that amuse or fascinate English speaking people to no end is the habit of Japanese people to wear tshirts with utterly meaningless or nonsensical slogans on them. In a somewhat similar fashion, I can’t help but be intensely amazed and fascinated by Little Debbie, the maker of cheap pastry, cakes, and cookies (“More than 75 varieties are available with suggested retail prices ranging from 25 cents to $2.99.”).

The companies slogan is “Little Debbie Has A Snack For You”, and as if that wasn’t weird enough, they even have trucks that feature this slogan. Pictured above is the evidence. This rather scummy truck is driving around Pittsburgh displaying that slogan. If I had little kids and saw that truck driving down the street I’d make sure they’d get into the house.

Fittingly enough, since the last US elections the truck is also featuring a bunch of “W2004” stickers.