Gary Stochl Uncovered


General Photography

Despite the somewhat overly touchy-feely talking in this story about Gary Stochl Uncovered, there are many interesting aspects in there (if you want to ignore the fact that Gary Stochl does “street photography”, which I personally consider to be one of the least interesting kinds of photography you can do - if you want to see street photography talk a walk!). I really like the fact that Gary Stochl stored his photos in a paper shopping bag.

It seems to me that the questions “What happens to an artist when he or she has no contact with that artistic community? Is it possible to be a serious artist without those connections—and what happens to the work of an isolated artist?” overemphasize the importance of the so-called “artistic community”; and I’d be more than happy to argue that many aspiring artists would thrive much more easily if they managed to disconnect themselves from their comunity a bit and found out what kind of art they really could create.

PS: If one of those cutting-edge German book publishers reads this I wonder who’ll be the first to publish a photo book that comes in a paper shopping bag?

(thanks for the link, Wayne!)