Why photography?


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This weblog can be one of the most frustrating things you can encounter if you’re a photographer yourself. There is such a thing as the equivalent of “writer’s block” for photographers, and what would be more ideal to reinforce that block than a collection of links to people who all (or at least most of who) know exactly how to take great photos (or so it seems)?

Jim Beecher, a photography teacher, emailed me to tell me about PATH: Ways-of-Working in Photography. If you’re a photographer you might want to have a look. You will find many things that you will agree with and many others that you will not agree with. In any case, it will do something with that photographer’s block that I talked about above.

In the end, it might come down to this for a non-professional photographer (I never thought I’d ever post my personal view on this here): Take the photos that you want to take, the photos that you feel happy about. And do whatever it takes to improve them. If other people like them, good for you. If not: Why care?