The photoblog community now has their “Photobloggies” - a well… best of where you can vote for your favourite photoblog. Or not. As it says “Nominations are open to everyone” but “Voting in the finalist phase is open only to the finalists themselves”. I guess they couldn’t possibly make that more self-congratulatory, could they? (Sort of reminds me of the electoral college…)

Update (22 March): The finalists have been posted and you can vote for them. Yes, that’s right, they changed the rules. Conscientious endorses orbit1.

Update (30 March): For once, Conscientious endorsed the right candidate. orbit1 was voted “Best American Photoblog” and “Best Studio Photography of a Photoblog” and “Best Portrait Photography of a Photoblog”. Conscientious also announces the winner of “Best Awkwardly Named Categories in a Blog Competition”, it’s.. well, what do you know… “Photobloggies”. Congratulations to all!