The Seven Deadly Sins Applied Not Too Well


General Culture

If you live in the US, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Power of Pride bumper stickers. I find those slightly odd given that a) pride is one of the seven deadly sins (see this page for a background) and b) christian religion supposedly plays such an important role in people’s lifes here. Just for completeness, the seven deadly sins are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth.

There are also other, more mundane, but I’m assuming equally deadly sins. I did a little Google search and there was no shortage of very sad material popping up. Here’s a small selection: The Seven Deadly Sins of Information Design, The Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings, Seven Deadly Sins of Web Writing, The Seven Deadly Sins of Powerpoint Presentations (nice picture of the dude, eh?!), The Seven Deadly Sins of Gilligan’s Island, and - this gotta be my favourite - The Seven Deadly Sins of Public Library Architecture. Plus many more…