Shut up already!


General Culture

Here’s one of my theories: Every piece of advanced technology that you own dimishes your social skills by some - sometimes vast - amount. Take for example cell phones, the pest of modern technology. Seemingly normal people get instantly transformed into utterly annoying retards once their little phones ring. The vast majority of cell phone users simply doesn’t comprehend that the (let’s be nice and call it) information they’re trying to convey (about 90% or which consists of “what?”, “oh my god” and “so I was like and he was like”) is transmitted electronically. Thus, unlike in the case of two yoghurt containers that you connect by a string to communicate with your friend, you do not have to yell. And not only that. In addition to the fact that the little cell phone will transmit normal speech perfectly, in about 99.99% of all cases the other people, who are forced to listen, are not interested in the conversation. Coudal Partners now decided to do something about it, by creating little cards that you can hand out.