College Photographer of the Year 2004 - Highlights


General Photography

The winners of this years College Photographer of the Year have been announced; and it is quite interesting to look at the winning portfolios. As can be expected, there is a correlation with the topics that people are obsessed about (sex, religion, and violence). Needless to say, that’s just how most photojournalism works.

In any case, here is a list of the people/projects that struck me the most - I think you definitely want to look at all the other stuff, too (especially since there is a large “sports photography” section - I think sports photography is even less interesting than for example still lives, but that’s just me).

Elyse Butler’s “Sexual Tension” won gold in the “documentary” category. In this category, it’s hard to pick a winner given the quality of the different projects. Check out Uwe H. Martin’s “Tales from Bangladesh” and especially Evan Semon’s untitled project (you need to scroll down for that on the page - this particular page isn’t set up very well). I think my favourite in this category is Evan Semon’s project. The story of a married couple where the husband is undergoing sex change surgery alone is very interesting; and Evan Semon did an amazing job to portray what they’re going through.

In the “picture story” category, I was impressed with Krisanne Johnson’s “The Old German Baptists” and Denis Rochefort’s “Scene of Identity”.

Lots of interesting photos can also be found on page that shows the winning images in the personal vision and the portrait categories.