Let’s not worry about scientific integrity



A 2003 study by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis suggested a very real safety problem exists when drivers are paired with cell phones.

“The study found an estimated 2,600 deaths a year could be linked to cell phone use. Cell phone use also is connected to approximately 330,000 moderate to critical injuries annually and 1.5 million instances of property damage a year, the study found.

“But the Harvard researchers wanted to quantify the potential cost, measured in lost productivity, of banning cell phone use in cars. They concluded that taking cell phones away from drivers would cost $43 billion a year in lost economic activity — about the same economic value of the lost lives and injuries. “

Note how chatting on the phone in your car is filed under “productivity”: “Honey, I’m in a traffic jam, so I’ll be late for dinner.” Yeah right. And then comes the disclaimer that throws scientific integrity right out of the window: “The Harvard study, like an earlier 2000 study, was funded by AT&T Wireless.”