“Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail”



Today, the New York Times Magazine featured an article about political weblogs (note that depending on when you try to look at it it might have already disappeared in the commercial archive - at the time of this writing, it hasn’t). Unlike Conscientious, major political weblogs get thousands of visitors per hour and actually make money using ads. However, they tend to have a vastly lower signal-to-noise ratio (or maybe that’s just me).

In any case, as you can imagine, a “real” journalist - and one from the self-proclaimed best newspaper in the world [laughter from tape] - writing about political webloggers (“alternative” journalists?) promises interesting insights into the state of today’s journalism. And you won’t be disappointed by the article. I thought it was sort of funny how Mr Serious Journalist tries to portray the political webloggers as a bunch of journalistic greenhorns with ego problems - makes you wonder who else might have some ego problems, eh? And reading about “real” journalists complaining about how political weblogs are so one-sided is… shall we say hypocritical?

Anyway, after having read the article I wasn’t sure whether it had really been worth my time. But, you know, you read it and decide yourself.