Film vs. Digital


General Photography

I’m aware of the fact that the film vs. digital discussion has reached the levels of the LP vs. CD discussion: it’s getting immensely annoying and nerdy, and the discussion is becoming increasingly irrelevant for what most users can actually see (or hear in the case of audio). But while I was looking for something completely different I came across a couple of pages that I want to share. They’re all very technical but they contain a wealth of information: This page has a fairly detailed comparison of film and digital, without containing too much information. A good starting point. If you want to know more than anybody would realistically ever want to know, you might want to look at this page. On the same site, they got an introduction to resolution, which is also quite detailed. Oh, and there is this page that also compares film and digital cameras. The interesting bit of information to take away from that - if I understand the page correctly - is that Fuji Velvia 35mm film has something like 21 Megapixels or so (provided you use the same lens they used).