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This entry is somewhat of an exception to what I usually do. I’m sure you have noticed that fashion photography hardly ever shows up here. There is a simple reason for that: I am not interested in fashion photography. It’s not even the utterly commercial aspect of fashion photography that bothers me - obviously, photographers have to make money somehow. It’s simply that in most cases, fashion photography falls into the category “sweet but forgettable”. And looking at too much fashion photography gives you the same feeling that you get when you eat too much candy: You’re on the equivalent of a sugar high that will inevitably leave you with with a feeling of nothingness soon after.

Needless to say, that’s just my personal preference, and it doesn’t say anything about the photographers who do fashion/commercial photography. They are doing excellent jobs, and I have often wished more of them would do non-commercial photography. As it turns out, some of them do. Art Department Photography features a large group of commercial photographers with lots and lots of portfolios to look through.

There are some photographers whose work struck me as interesting. Richard Phibbs has portraits of “real people” (aka non-celebrities); I do like these better than his regular portraits, which look way too posed to me. Tim Evan Cook has a very nice “ballet” series. Robert Maxwell’s portraits are nice, too, as are Jeremy Murch’s.