Digital doesn’t suck


General Photography

Some people claim that digital sucks but those people haven’t seen or used the fabulous Argus DC1512, yet. This camera definitely is the digital equivalent of those plastic (film) cameras that have such a ardent (and oftentimes fundamentalist) fan base: It’s cheap and flimsy, being all plastic, and the lens is a joke. Only thing is the photos (whose maximum size is 352*288 pixels) are digital. So this is almost like having one of those cellphone cameras except that you can’t annoy other people by yelling into it (well, technically, you could but that would be *very* odd).

PS: It’s still a tremendous mystery to me why people always yell when they’re ona cell phone. First, the sound is actually being transported electronically so yelling is not necessary. And second, no, I don’t want to listen to whatever they have to say, thankyouverymuch.