Special: Holga Toy Camera Photography


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There are thousands of galleries online that show photos taken with Holga toy cameras. I have a couple of those, too, but I personally don’t like them as much as the older Diana. Anyway, those plastic cameras can yield some pretty amazing results… and, of course, also some pretty bad ones. In the end, it’s always the photographer who’s most responsible for the photo and not the camera (the photographic industry is going to hate me for this statement).

Some people might feel that there has been somewhat of a shortage of Holga photo links here. Is is tempting to conclude that the author of this weblog thinks that most Holga photography does not fall into the “amazing” category but into the other one. He might also think that many Holga photographers spend too much time on trying to be cool. And maybe he’s convinced that many people who scream “Digital sucks!” would gladly trash their plastic cameras if they had the money to buy a Leica. Who knows?

Anyway, I recently received a huge list of links from Tore Halvorsen - thanks so much! - who discovered this weblog and thought he’d share his treasures. From these, I pulled a bunch of fairly nice Holga work.

The above photo is from Bill GrimshawÂ’s pemichangan.com. There are some really nice photos there.

Millicent Harvey also needn’t hide her photos - somewhat different subjects. And the same goes for Craig Sterling whose galleries page features the utterly modest quote “A master-printer in the tradition of Ansel Adams and George Tice.”