Photographers of the Year 2003


General Photography

After my ill-fated short venture into the mysterious world of (more or less non-existing) reader interaction I decided to keep the idea but changing the way it is done. What I’m presenting here are my three Photographers of the Year 2003. Of course, there is no objective criterion for picking three persons over all the other people out there. But then, this weblog contains my very subjective choices anyway and I would be lying through my teeth in a very presidential manner if I claimed that I got equally excited about all the photos I linked to. I do like them all. But I also remember a few instances where I was thrilled to find some photos. So my three Photographers of the Year 2003 are the top of that list. Without further ado, here they are (in alphabetical order).

Herbert Böttcher

This choice might come as a little surprise to purists (and photo fundamentalists) as Herbert Böttcher uses combinations of pinhole cameras and digital manipulations. I have never been squeamish about using digital techniques to enhance photos where I think it’s necessary and I think Herbert is able to achieve fantastic results.

Gregory Crewdson

More somewhat unconventional photography. Gregory Crewdson uses elaborately staged sets for his Hollywoodesque photos.

Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker’s various Road Trip portfolios are simply gorgeous.

Not that this is some real competition - no prizes and such - but I want to honorably mention Thomas Ruff for his Nudes. I still can’t decide whether they are completely idiotic or genius.