Colors 58 - Photo Studio


General Photography

The current edition of Colors Magazine is all about photo studios where people can have their portraits taken. They went to nine different studios and, after introducing them, show samples.

I really can’t decide which one is most ridiculous or sad or funny or hilarious. Can you really tell a difference between a group of Israeli girls in the army posing with their guns and a teenager from Lebanon doing them same? Seems like we have to add some words to be able to add those “good” and “evil” attributes - attributes we seem to be depending on so much lately to make sense of this world (or so they want to make us believe).

Or can you tell the difference between a bunch of very badly retouched/set up portraits from Chicago and India?

Are we - who make fun of the Talebans’ portraits - in any position to think we’re superior with our magazines where none of the people looks like any person we know in real life (due to the extended digital air-brushing - that, in the most exteme cases, produces women with bare breasts but without any nipples)?