General Photography

If you’ve ever seen a Minox camera and you haven’t gallen in love with it something is wrong with you. Seriously. It’s the photographic equivalent of Bang-Olufsen audio equipment: Nice design and technology but quite expensive and more or less… well… useless. The negative is tiny which makes grain an issue. And who wants to fiddle with a camera that is so small that loading the film requires a *lot* of patience and pretty small fingers?

Minox cameras are still made by the company. Actually, Minox makes more than just the little spy camera but when people say Minox they’re talking about the “spy” camera. You need special processing because of the size of the film; an easy way to deal with that is to buy film and processing mailers through BH Photo. More infos about the various Minox models can be found on the Minox Encyclopedia of the Minox Historical Society.