General Culture

One of the most famous no-name brands in Germany is called “Ja!” Those must be the most affirmative products ever made. The packaging is all white, and there’s a tilted blue “Ja!” written on it. Underneath, in red, it says what you’re buying. So chocolote would be “Ja! Schokolade” and it’s 29 cents a bar (that’s European cents which, at the time of this writing, is around 30 US cents). You also get what you pay for: The chocolate is terrible. Some of the products are quite nice, though. Needless to say, anything as ridiculous as this easily becomes a cult and the no-name brand “Ja!” now is a fairly well known no-no-name brand. A bunch of German artists decided to style a whole apartment in the “Ja!” style, with big blue “Ja!” all over the place and, in red… You get the idea. Even if you have never seen this stuff I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Ja! Fotos website.