26 Things


General Photography

I know lots of amateur photographers1 who complain about a lack of inspiration or about a lack of ideas what to take photos of. Here’s an idea. It’s called 26 Things - The International Photographic Scavenger Hunt. The idea is very simple. 26 things are twentysix subjects, some of them fairly obvious (“a sunset”), some of them less so (“new”). The idea is to take a photo for each of the subjects throughout the month of July 2003 and then, on 1 August 2003, to send them the link with the page that contains the photos. For anybody looking for a project this is ideal: There is a deadline which is not too tight (procrastination, be gone!), there are topics to shoot, but the topics are defined broadly enough for everybody. I already started working on mine - I’ve got eight so far.

1 Amateur photographers very often aren’t really amateurs. Maybe it would be better to call them non-professional photographers.