Are GM crops safe? Who can say?



“It is really extraordinary that there have so far been virtually no independent studies of the health effects of GM. What there is has mostly been done by the companies themselves. We are constantly told that there is no evidence of any greater health risk from a GM crop than from its non-GM counterpart. What is not added is that there have been no health checks to find out. Indeed, the only Government-sponsored work ever carried on the health impacts of GMOs was Dr Pusztai’s work on rats and GM potatoes, and then, when it found negative effects, it was widely rubbished in government circles, even though his paper had been peer-reviewed six times before publication.” (story)

Update: Mr Cieciel sent me this link which points to a document which includes known hazards and problems with GM food. It’s a scary read - even scarier is the fact that in the US, companies are not required to label their GM food unless they want to.