Rollei 35B


Karen and I like checking out thrift and “Goodwill” shops, trying to hunt down the unexpected treasure. Camera-wise, we haven’t been to successful - until this past weekend. At a “Goodwill”, we found a Rollei B35, the simplified model of the famous Rollei 35. [I know the English on the page I’m linking to could be improved. If you’re interested in the manual of the B35 click here.] We paid $20 for the camera which is in pristine condition. I didn’t know how much the B35 would sell for usually but I figured it’d be way more than $20. Plus, those Rollei cameras are a sheer pleasure to use. Today, I went online to find that the B35 should sell for around $100 or more. No, we’re not going to sell it. Interestingly enough, the “Goodwill” had an old Polaroid camera next to the B35 which they wanted to sell for $35. I knew that model and I knew it’d sell for maybe $5. It doesn’t hurt to know a little bit about cameras!