Informationweek has an article about blogging. True to their style, all they care about is that “web journals could have business value.” Needless to say, that is a pretty sad statement. But it follows the general transformation of the internet from a big source of information and human interaction to a gigantic shopping mall with streamlined contents provided by the very same media companies who already control all the other media. Contrary what those Informationweek people think, there’s more to blogging than just being an “independent information entrepreneur.” What’s more, they don’t realize (or want to realize) what the obvious limitations of blogs in terms of journalism are. But when you find snippets like the one about “the left-leaning, biased media” you know where they’re coming from. And you can guess what they’re after. The “independent information” they’re after is the one which exactly serves their sole purpose, namely to make money and only that. Pretty disgusting.