June 2010


Jun 28 | By Joerg Colberg

On Statements

The other day, I had one of those email exchanges about artist statements with a friend. I’m writing “one of those,” because almost inevitably they gravitate towards the same kinds of sentiments. My friend’s comments about them were (I’m paraphrasing): “most” tend to be “unreadable” and don’t help the work (I am very generous rephrasing here), are they really needed and why does one have to write one?, and many are boring. I suppose it might be time to talk about it: How do you write a statement and why? Of course, it is much easier - and usually more fun - to explain how not to write an artist statement, especially if an especially egregious example is at hand. But that doesn’t help much if you have to write one. When you Google “how to write an artist statement” you get a lot of different results, so I figured I’d simply add my own perspective to the mix, hoping that some people might find it useful. (more)
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Jun 21 | By Joerg Colberg

A Conversation with Indre Serpytyte

Indre Serpytyte is one of the photographers featured at the 2010 Hy√®res Festival of Fashion and Photography. There, I had a longer conversation with her about her work and its background. The following conversation, conducted after coming back, touches upon many aspects of Indre’s photography. (more)
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Jun 14 | By Marco van Duyvendijk

Marco van Duyvendijk - Oana

In 1999 my girlfriend and I lived in Romania for a year. We had just graduated and, following my studies in psychology, I really wanted to devote an entire year to photography. That year we met a thirteen-year-old Romany-like girl who led a semi-vagrant life. When I first caught sight of her at a dilapidated fairground, a small tremor ran through me. I hesitated as to whether I wished to meet her. I had strong doubts about wanting to see what her life was like. It was not until a week later, when we came across her again, that I asked her if I might photograph her. (more)
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Jun 8 | By Will Steacy

Will Steacy: Down These Mean Streets

This project has come from many places. I suppose some of the experiences I had as a child and teenager growing up in Philadelphia contributed greatly to not only who I am and how I see and understand the world but also to the work I make. I was 13 or 14 at the time and late one summer afternoon I was walking down the main avenue near my house growing up to rent a video. As I was walking past the Acme and basketball court, 20 kids rolled up and surrounded me. As they started talking shit and calling me white boy etc, I knew what was coming and I prayed that I got out of this one ok. A few of them slapped me around, punched me in the stomach, etc and then I felt hands reaching into my pockets until my wallet was found. Someone took the few dollars I had, my wallet was thrown on sidewalk, a few more punches landed and then it was over. I picked up my wallet and continued my walk to the video store as the adrenaline poured through my body, I was defeated, vulnerable, scared and angry. (more)
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