April 2010


Apr 28 | By Seba Kurtis

Seba Kurtis: Shoe Box

I was gutted when they took our T.V. I was a teenager at the time and I remember that I was alone in the house with my mother that day and I saw her crying, she was signing some paper and I asked her what was going on? To which she replied “none of this stuff belongs to us anymore”. After being repossessed we were left with only our clothes and a shoe box full of photos. It was difficult for me to understand at this point as I wasn’t interested in economy or politics, all I knew was that my dad lost the business, we lost our home and we had to start again from scratch. My dad and I were up for anything from selling newspapers at the traffic lights to vegetables. (more)
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Apr 26 | By Joerg Colberg

Ping Pong with Michael Itkoff, Round 2

In a new installment of my ongoing series of “ping-pong chats” with Michael Itkoff, we’re talking about whether or how photography can initiate change, and the role multimedia might play.
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Apr 20 | By Phil Toledano

Phil Toledano: A New Kind of Beauty

I started this work in the summer of 2008, around the same time as I was shooting days with my father I know it may seem odd, but the two projects are connected. After all, I was taking care of my 98 year old father, essentially waiting for him to die-and what is plastic surgery, if not the denial of death, and aging? (more)
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Apr 13 | By Greg Girard

Greg Girard: In the Near Distance 1973-86

During and after High School I photographed in Vancouver in the area near the waterfront, staying in cheap hotels on weekends. Afterwards, I worked for a year, saved money and then took a Philippine freighter (as a passenger) to Hong Kong in the Summer of 1974. I was 18 years old, and it was 18 days across the Pacific. (more)
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Apr 8 | By Joerg Colberg

Ping-Pong Chatting with Michael Itkoff

I had “known” Michael Itkoff, one of the editors of Daylight Magazine, for a while, having exchanged a few emails. We met in person and got to know each other at this year’s Fotofest in Houston, and we decided to collaborate to produce contents together. After a bit of brain-storming, we came up with “ping-pong chatting” - an online conversation. We decided to talk about the Fotofest portfolio reviews, and things took off from there. It’s a bit of an experiment, and we’re both very happy with it.
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