October 2008


Oct 30 | By Joerg Colberg

A conversation with Paul Schiek

Paul Schiek is the mastermind behind TBW Books. You might not have heard of TBW Books - but I think you might really appreciate what Paul does with it: “Four accomplished artists working in the photographic medium were invited to present an intensely personal and poetic exploration of their work to be released in the form of a book. Each artist will be represented by one book in this four book series. Given complete creative control, these gifted individuals crafted powerful, surprising, and completely uncompromised works that implore the viewer to contemplate the relationships between images. […] The Subscription Series is a limited edition, hand numbered book series that will not be available in stores. Subscribers will receive one book every three months beginning December 1st [2008]. Book quantities are limited to 650 unsigned subscriptions and 50 signed subscriptions.” I talked to Paul about the ideas behind all of this.
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