January 2007


Jan 30 | By Joerg Colberg

A Conversation with David Maisel

I have long been fascinated by the photography of David Maisel. Often, when people who don’t know much about fine-art photography joke around about what they think it is (can you guess?), I show them David’s website. Once they’re hooked to the beauty of the images, I tell them what they’re really looking at, and that never fails to work. However, I have always felt a little bit uncomfortable about admiring beautiful images of things that are quite disastrous, so I asked David whether he would talk about this with me.
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Jan 29 | By Joerg Colberg

A Conversation With Sarah Martin

When I looked at Sarah Martin’s photography and at her statements, which provide the background, a whole set of questions popped up in my head, and I asked Sarah whether she was willing to talk about her work. I was thrilled to learn that she was.
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Jan 5 | By Joerg Colberg

A Conversation with Timothy Archibald

A while ago, Timothy Archibald’s book Sex Machines was released (see my review here), and since then I had been quite curious about how the book had been perceived and what Timothy’s experiences might have been. At the end of last year, Timothy wrote me a end-of-the-year email, and since he hinted at some unforeseen developments (I’m just going to call it that lest I spoil the following) I could not contain my curiosity any longer and asked him whether he was willing to talk about the project. I’m very glad to learn that he was.
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