November 2006


Nov 29 | By Joerg Colberg

Another Conversation with Alec Soth… about blogs

Blogs are not a new phenomenon. But I think in the photo world they have really only taken off this year, with a remarkably large number of new blogs appearing (if I tried to provide a list it would end up being incomplete). What is interesting is that more and more established photographers now have a blog presence. Alec Soth’s (relatively) new blog might have made the biggest splash recently, and since Alec and I have been talking about aspect of blogging occasionally, I thought we might as well talk about blogs and their impact in public.
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Nov 28 | By Joerg Colberg

A Conversation with Todd Deutsch

I’ve always found Todd Deutsch’s work quite intriguing, especially his series Family Days. For a large variety of reasons I personally would never be able to produce a body of work like that; and I finally asked Todd whether he’d be willing to talk about his work and some of the background. I’m very glad he agreed to participate.
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