Isabella Demavlys


Contemporary Photographers


In Without A Face, Isabella Demavlys portrays the victims of acid attacks in Pakistan. In places like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and now also Afghanistan, acid attacks have become a common form of violence against women.

“Acid attacks are a relatively recent phenomenon, with the earliest recorded incidents in Bangladesh in 1983. They have become possible as acidic products became household items. In Bangladesh, hydrochloric acid is sold as a toilet cleaner and a gallon can be purchased for just a few dollars, and in India and Pakistan a similar chemical concentrate is used for sterilizing kitchens and bathrooms. Since acid is inexpensive and easily accessible, it has increasingly become the weapon of choice.” (source)

In Pakistan, new legislation is aimed at preventing such attacks, and hopefully work like Demavlys’ can raise more awareness. Demavlys’ Saira portrays the life of one victim, a young woman, who is also included in Without A Face.