Get your own Becher typology!


MrsDeane_Becher.jpg The German word “Becher” stands for a mug or a container of smallish size - such in, for example, “Joghurtbecher” - a yogurt container. Enter Hester Keijser and Norman Beierle, the art duo and creative force behind Mrs Deane (full disclosure: Hester, Norman and I are friends), who turned yogurt bechers into their own typology. You can now order a Becher Box, “an acid-free, archival box con­tain­ing a first selec­tion of twenty 13x17 cm (approx. 5x7 inch) dig­i­tal C-prints on Fuji DP II Glossy Pearl Paper from our Joghurt­becher series. All this for the fes­tive price of 60 euros, exclud­ing ship­ping & han­dling costs.” A real Becher print will set you back way more (and seriously, who wants to look at a grain elevator or a gas container?), and you will be supporting a great blog. More details in their post.