Sean Hillen


Collage Art, Contemporary European Photography

I have a bit of a weakness for “old-fashioned” collages (remember those? where someone with glue and scissors assembled pieces of art?), so it was a pleasure to find Sean Hillen’s photomontages: “These are scalpel-and-glue photomontages. The older ones were made between 1983 and 93, were always based on my own documentary photographs made in northern Ireland, and were somehow related to and to an extent engaged in, the northern conflict.”

About the one on top Sean writes: “The boy was photographed at the corner of William Street (most of which I think no longer exists),where the Bogside meets the city, a few hours after hunger striker Patsy O’Hara’s funeral. He was searching for stones to throw and hadn’t yet seen the police landrovers which are screaming around the back trying to trap the ‘rioters’ between their lines. I was playing with a lot of cowboy and injun imagery at the time, consciously mining it for the political undercurrent, noble / disposable savage stuff”