Justin Guilbert


Contemporary Photographers

I have been thinking about landscape photography a lot lately. The problem with that type of photography is that there appears to be a sweet spot that is sandwiched between extremely decorative - some would probably prefer the word “kitschy” - work (everything you see in “National Geographic”) and extremely boring work (think Ansel Adams). Both extremes typically spend too much time on technical details since they both resulted from a history in which the “combination of sharp focus, tonal richness, and clarity of detail […] came more and more to be the subject of the photograph […] rather than a tool for artistic expression.” (Janet Malcolm, from “East and West”, an article I found in her 1980 collection of articles “Diane & Nikon”, emphasis in the original) Finding that spot in between - where things are neither plainly decorative or boring (or, yikes!, both) - seems to be quite hard. Justin Guilbert’s (Some Nudity) points in that direction.