Simone Nieweg


Contemporary German Photography

It took me a long time to find some references to German photographer Simone Nieweg. There are some images here, and you can see some more of her work here. However, the latter website might contain the worst reproductions of an artist’s photography I’ve ever seen: The images for the most part are completely ruined by jpeg compression artifacts. Unbelievable! I’ve seen a print of this photo, and when you see it online you’ll probably wonder what makes me link to this work. The print looks nothing like the jpeg - it’s like the difference between a colour photo and a photocopy done on a b/w xerox machine whose toner is low. Does the gallery not care? Are they complete amateurs? I honestly cannot come up with a good explanation. If you have a bit of time, you can look at this page, which contains some (very large) press images (which loads rather slowly).